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Centralise All Visitor Management

Touchless sign in and sign out. Allows visitors to hygienically sign in, whilst still complying with site requirements.

Reduce operating costs and wait times by automating sign-in processes.

Minimise risk around manually enforcing required policies and compliance.

Multi-language device support to ensure everyone understands safety and compliance requirements.

Pre-screening questionnaire to ensure visitors comply with on-site requirements.

Screen, track and real-time reporting on all site visitors. Also, helps with contact tracing.


Manage your visitors professionally and securely

Seamless integration with over 50 of the leading access control systems to provide select visitors with customised card access.

Streamline the visitor check-in process by electronically scanning an ID and capturing dedicated information.

Account for visitors as well as employees in an emergency situation and meet growing compliance mandates requiring visitor audit trails and reporting.

Create internal watch lists and use external databases to screen against unsolicited visitors.

Manage Your Visitors Professionally and Securely


Ensures Everyone Has the Right Access, to the Right Area, for the Right Length of Time

Visitor Management

Handles the entire visitor life cycle from pre-registration and visitor invitations to repeat check-in and checkout.

Security Reporter and Operations Analytics

Analyse and manage all of the activities involved with onboarding and badging, access management and visitor management.

Advanced Access Manager

Streamlines the management of an organisation's employees, contractors, and tenant identities.

Badge Management

Allows users to design, create and print employee, contractor and visitor badges (& request new or temporary badges when needed).

Comparison Guide

Company size Small, Medium & Large Businesses Medium & Large Businesses Large Businesses
Foot traffic Medium Medium High
No. Of Sites Multi Single Multi
Hosting - Cloud or Onsite Cloud Onsite Cloud or Onsite
Core VM Functionality Yes Yes Yes
Access Control Integration Limited Yes Yes
Customisation Limited Yes Yes
Integration with other applications and systems Limited Yes Yes
Integrate & manage Multiple ID applications (HR, Security, IT, etc.) No No Yes
Automate company policies, processes & workflows No No Yes
Security Level Medium Medium High

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